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At Fire Action, we offer everything that you require to protect your staff and company from the ravages and destruction a fire can bring. These come down to four basic methods of protection that are simple yet vital to your company's well-being: preventing, detecting, confining and fighting the fire.

Prevention is obviously the most important method of safeguarding from fire and we are happy to visit your company to assess the potential hazards and advise on how to improve your levels of fire safety. This is a free service with no obligation, leaving you, as the customer, free to make your own decisions. With absolutely nothing to lose, we strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity.

It is vital that a fire is detected at its inception and not when it's already started to burn through your building and assets. At fire Action we sell both conventional and analogue detection equipment to bring you the earliest warning possible:

  • Smoke, heat and multi sensor detectors. (Including intrinsically safe).
  • Infrared detection and air sampling. (Aspirating) devices.
  • Gas suppression for high-risk areas (various different mediums).
  • Reporting of alarms.
  • Linking of systems to access control, ventilation and audio evacuation systems for automatic control

Once the fire is detected, the alarm system will alert the fire department and relevant authorities on your behalf, saving you precious time for evacuation.

Confinement of the fire:
It is vital once a fire is detected and the alarm sounds that fire retardant doors and paneling contain the fire within the initial area. This is critical not only for staff and employee's to evacuate the building but also to safeguard against any wider spread damage.

Fire retardant doors and paneling are a requirement under the National Building Regulations (SABS 400). As part of our company credo, we offer a free risk assessment and will help you to improve risk areas.

Fighting the fire:
Fire Action offers a variety of equipment assist with bringing the fire under control at the earliest possible stage. This includes fire extinguishers, fire hoses, water sprinkler systems and gaseous retardants. The decision as to which is best for you is determined by your specific environment and our highly trained staff would be happy to advise you based on a full assessment.

To learn more about these four aspects of fire safety, take a moment to read through our fire-safety guide.

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